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Introduction of Skid Steer Loader

The skid steer loader is known for its compact size and versatility. It is a four-wheel drive loader with double acting cylinders allowing the left and right wheels to act independently of each other. The name "skid steer" comes from the vehicles wheels' ability to drive in opposite directions, making it skid. The bucket of the skid steer can be replaced by a variety of other attachments like a hydraulic breaker, pallet forks, angle broom, sweeper, auger, mower, snow blower, stump grinder, tree spade, trencher, dumping hopper, ripper, tillers, grapple, tilt, roller, snow blade, wheel saw, cement mixer, and wood chipper.

Features of Skid Steer Loader

The introduction of hydrostatic motors resulted in the disappearance of the transmission. Instead, a set of pumps and hydraulic motors power the vehicle. Each vehicle has four pumps and two motors, one for each set of wheels. The motors operate in a unique way to ensure that the vehicle does not stall. While operating the wheels the full force of the motor focuses on this function, and when using the other implements its power focus changes. Also, to maintain maneuverability, each motor powers a separate set of wheels, enabling each side to drive in different directions and turn on a dime.

Each of the motors connects to a sprocket, and two chains connect each wheel to the sprockets. All the chains and sprockets are in a sealed compartment within the frame and are immersed in an oil bath to maintain their lubrication.

The loader arms are also operated with hydraulics allowing the bucket (or another of the many tool attachments available) to lift in either a radial or vertical movement. Unlike many other loaders, the lift arms run along either side of the cab and hinge near the rear of the vehicle. A radial movement has the bucket move in an arc away from the vehicle until it reaches the height of the cab and then moves back inward. The vertical movement is similar to the radial until it reaches the operators eye-level and then lifts directly upwards instead of inwards. When not in use, the arms are fully lowered to provide increased stability.

Pictures of Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader

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